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Frequently asked questions

Questions from organizations

Question: How can the Aisti Health assessment responses be grouped?

Answer: You can choose how your answers are grouped based on what works best for your organisation. Many companies choose to group answers by department, but it’s really up to you.

Question: Is there a minimum or maximum number of respondents for each group?

Answer: Groups can be any size you’d like, but it’s important to take the preservation of anonymity into account for groups under 20.

Question: When do we need to let you know who will be participating in our assessment?

Answer: We’ll need this information at least a week before we start the assessment.

Question: How do we provide that information to you?

Answer: Information about participans should be sent in an encrypted email to support@aistihealth.com.

Question: How do I send an encrypted email?

Answer: If you’re not able to send us an encrypted email from your company address, please reach out to us at support@aistihealth.com.

Questions from respondents

Question: The link I received didn’t work.

Answer: The link we sent is a one-time link. Most times when a link doesn’t work, it’s because it was destroyed when the email preview was clicked open. If this happens to you, try copying the link by right-clicking your mouse or track pad and choosing ”Copy link address” and pasting it to your browser. Note that this won’t work on Internet Explorer. But it should work on the supported browsers Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.

Question: How can I get a new link?

You can request a new link to your email by clicking the ”Sign in” button at the top right of your screen and entering the same email address that the original link was sent to.

Question: How can I continue filling in the Aisti Health assessment without having to start from the beginning?

Answer: Responses are saved by section. You can continue filling in your assessment by clicking on the ”Results” button. If you haven’t answered all of the questions in a section, you may be asked to answer some questions again.

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