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Small steps, big change

Everyone’s life is unique. So are the changes that can help make it happier and healthier. For most of us, it’s the small changes that can have the biggest impact on our wellbeing – things like learning to say no, exercising slower instead of more, or spending more time with loved ones. But how do you find the right first step for you?

The easiest path to the best possible you

Discover smart, data-based ways to improve your health and wellbeing based on your lifestyle. Aisti Health shows you a complete picture of your wellbeing, flags potential lifestyle-related problems early, and helps you along the path to a healthier and happier future.

Pause and take a look at your life

Aisti Health helps you assess your life from nine different angles

Meaningful life

Social relationships

Mental health

Activity and exercise


Financial situation

Health promotion

Sleep and recovery


Easy to use

Log in to the Aisti Health service on your mobile device or laptop with your email.

Start your journey

You will receive personal feedback and recommendations immediately after completing the Aisti Health well-being assessment. You can revisit your results by logging in with your email address.

Track and learn

Aisti Health guides you as you go, showing how you’re progressing and helping you learn what works best for you.

How to get started?

Create your account

Start by creating a trial account. You should have gotten a link to the portal via e-mail.

Tell us about yourself

We’ll get to know you by asking questions around 9 areas in your life. You’ll get your results immediately, so you can take the first step.

Make small changes

Choose a lifestyle area and the first small changes you’d like to make. Redo the assessment in a couple of months to see how you are doing.

Ready to take the first step?